Plus Pacific Towers

Plus Pacific Towers represents luxury living in Henderson towering 44 metres high and providing stunning, unencumbered views across West Auckland, featuring a mix of 67 apartments consisting of 1, 2 and 4-bedroom options. We ran campaigns over the course of 13 months; advertising for a mix of KiwiBuild and open-market options. 

Plus Pacific Towers - Brand New Apartments

Project: Plus Pacific Towers 

Developer: Western Properties

Location: Henderson

Property Type: Apartments

Plus Pacific Towers Kitchen and Dining Area


To build, manage and execute Facebook & Instagram Campaigns.

Plus Pacific Towers bedroom with stunning west Auckland views


  1. Increase brand awareness of the project 
  2. Drive lead generation 

RESULTS (29th September 2020 - 5th November 2021):

  1. Across the 13 months that the campaigns were running 617 leads were generated.
  2. The Facebook and Instagram campaigns reached 147,243 people within the set targeting parameters through which we generated 14,139 link clicks directly to the website. 

Within these campaigns, a key focus was placed on the expansive height, stunning views and proximity to public transport. We launched 43 different campaigns and 81 different ad variations as part of our continuous efforts to optmise these campaigns and generate the best possible results. Within this, we consistently tested different variables which included renders, copy, headlines and different target audiences.

Overall, these campaigns greatly contributed to the performance of this development and the eventual selling down of the homes.