The digital campaigns for Enfield were launched with the key objective of generating high-quality leads. These campaigns ran across Google, Instagram and Facebook and greatly contributed to the overall success and sell-down of the development.

More importantly, we generated 807 leads over our period of engagement. 

We launched 37 different campaigns and 111 ad variations as part of our continuous efforts to optimise the campaigns and ensure the best possible results.

Enfield - Brand New Apartments in Mount Eden

Project: Enfield 

Developer: Waide Construction 

Location: Mt Eden 

Property Type: Apartments

Enfield - 1 Bedroom Apartments in Mount Eden
Enfield Penthouse in Mount Eden


To build, manage and execute Facebook, Instagram and Google Campaigns 

High quality apartments in Mt Eden


  1. Increase brand awareness of the project 
  2. Drive lead generation 


  1. Facebook and Instagram accounted for 65.74% of all new users to the website
  2. Facebook and Instagram accounted for 63.47% of all leads
  3. Paid Search (Google) accounted for 21.28% of all new users
  4. Paid Search (Google) accounted for 13.05% of all leads
  5. Overall, the digital campaigns accounted for 87.02% of all new users
  6. Overall, the digital campaigns accounted for 76.52% of all leads

The Facebook, Instagram and Google campaigns were the biggest acquisition drivers to the website for both leads and new users over the campaign duration. 

Brand New Apartments Developed By Waide Construction in Mt Eden

Facebook Performance:

  1. Impresssions: 928,570
  2. Clicks: 14,342
  3. Average Click-through Rate: 1.54%
  4. Average Cost per Click: $1.45
  5. Leads: 807
  6. Average Cost Per Lead: $25.84
Enfield Digital Marketing

Google Performance:

  1. Impressions: 4,308
  2. Clicks: 430
  3. Average Click-through Rate: 9.98%
  4. Average Cost Per Click: $2.01

Within these campaigns, a key focus was placed on the location of the development and proximity to the City Rail Link, motorways and growing infrastructure. A key component of the success of these campaigns was testing different variables which included renders, copy, headlines and different target audiences.

The digital campaigns and results achieved for Enfield exemplify the importance of digital marketing and the role it plays in marketing property developments. 

[3D Rendering by One To One Hundred]