Safeguard Storage

Safeguard Storage is local business providing high-quality, secure storage facilities throughout New Zealand. With 19* branches, they are the experts in all things self-storage. We have been working with Safeguard Storage since June 2019 and have watched it grow from strength to strength from one branch in 2019 to now having 22 locations/ sites across New Zealand (and counting).

Safeguard Storage - Secure Storage Facilities in NZ


To build, manage and execute Google Campaigns 

Experts in Self Storage – Secure, Easy & Affordable Storage Solutions


  1. Increase online enquiry form submissions
  2. Increase phone calls
  3. Drive traffic to the website
  4. Build brand awareness
Safeguard Storage is 100% NZ-owned and operated

Results & Evaluation:

In the last year, we have achieved the following results across all digital campaigns when compared with the previous year:

2021 vs 2022

Google Ads results:

  • New Users: 151.07% increase – 11,188 vs 28,090
  • Conversions: 175.48% increase


Google Analytics – All Channels:

  • New Users: 145.48% increase (16,631 vs 40,825)
  • Conversions: 164.74% increase 

During 2021, the digital campaigns encompassing Google (Paid Search, Display and Shopping), Facebook and Instagram accounted for 67.27% of all new users and 78.97% of all conversions. In 2022, the digital campaigns accounted for 68.81% of all new users and 82.18% of all conversions.

Self Storage is an extremely competitive industry with a number of local and international players in the market, despite the intense level of competition within the ad auctions, we have consistently been able to maintain an average cost per lead of $22 across the entire account with certain regions as low as $5.00.

We’re consistently looking at ways to further optimise and deliver the best possible set of results for our client. If we compare the set of results from 2022 to 2021, we were successfully able to bring down the average cost per lead by 26.52%. We achieved this through a number of methods which include reviewing and optimising every single component of the campaigns to understand what can be improved, running split test experiments testing different bid strategies, optimising the ad copy and adding new ad extensions, and reviewing and refining the keyword targeting.

The work we have done has been an integral component behind the exponential growth the company has gone through over the past four years.

Overall, the digital campaigns have played a significant part in the overall growth of Safeguard Storage by increasing online traffic, phone calls and enquiry form submissions. 

* As of March 2023

Our business has been working with Shehan and the team at Glasshouse Digital for a number of years now and have always been incredibly happy with the knowledge, service and communication provided. Recommend to all!

Michelle Hope

General Manager

Awesome company to deal with. We have worked with Shehan and his team for several years across multiple businesses - and he provides one of the most comprehensive and honest services we have experienced. Highly recommended to anyone looking for digital marketing and advice :)

Barry Mitchell

Managing Director at Millennium Technology (Safeguard Storage Website Developer)

Safeguard Storage - clean, dry and affordable storage units.