ContainerCo - Shipping Container Google Advertising


ContainerCo has been a valued client for Glasshouse Digital for over 4.5 years. One of the leading providers of shipping containers and depots throughout New Zealand, we continue to run strategic Google campaigns directing traffic to the website.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the overall performance of our campaigns and have made over 12.1k changes to the campaigns. Consistently experimenting with new ad copy, bidding strategies and keyword targeting. Our campaigns are never left idle and are frequently monitored and optimised.

Commercial Shipping Container - Google Advertising

Current Google Ads Campaign Structure:

  • 7 Enabled Campaigns
  • 242 Active Ad Groups
  • 244 Active Ads
  • 564 Enabled Keywords

To reiterate the above, the campaigns we build are not a one size fits all. Every component of the digital strategy we create is tailored to the unique needs of the business. This is just an example of what a campaign structure with Glasshouse Digital can look like and how refined we take every aspect.

Residential Shipping Container Modification - Google Advertising

Comparison Year On Year (2020 vs 2021):

  • 26.29% increase in clicks (22,832 v 28,834)
  • 38.16% increase in the average-click-through-rate (10.53% v 14.55%)
  • 38.32% increase in conversions/ leads (2,928 v 4,050)

Here is another great example of the work we do within Google to create outstanding results.