A1 Sure Services

Paid Search/ Google Advertising & SEO

A1 Sure Services is Auckland’s leading tree services company with 10+ years experience specialising in tree removal and tree care services.

The Challenge

The brief provided by the client was simple – get the phone ringing again and the enquiries coming through.

They had previously been with another digital marketing agency, but had seen their leads drop off significantly. During the initial discussions with the client it became apparent why the leads had flat-lined over the last month and it was simply because the digital campaigns were no longer running, despite the client meeting their payment obligations.

The client turned to Glasshouse Digital to get them back on top of the paid search results and, more importantly, generate high-quality leads, reinstating their digital presence on Goo

The Approach

The arborist and tree services industry in Auckland is highly competitive, with a number of companies running Google Adwords Campaigns.

After sitting down with the client and asking the right questions, we were able to form a 360 view of their business and their key objectives.

From our research, the team at Glasshouse Digital generated a comprehensive list of PPC (Paid Search) keywords based on attracting quality and profitable traffic to the website.

We made sure there was proper tracking in place so that we were able to attribute and measure leads to specific keywords and ads. This helped us understand how effective our digital marketing campaigns actually were.

Glasshouse Digital – Digital Marketing Agency for A1 Sure Servcies
This laid the foundation to build A1 Sure Services PPC/ Google Adwords account, specifically targeted to each business category with the objective of delivering highly personalised and hyper-targeted ads.

Service-based, competitor and brand based campaigns were built, negative keywords were added, checked and maintained on a regular basis with the intention of stopping A1 Sure Services showing up for any irrelevant searches.

We made sure there was proper tracking in place so that we were able to attribute and measure leads to specific keywords and ads, but more importantly understand how effective our digital marketing campaigns were.

With this information, we were able to see exactly where to decrease or increase spend, and make real inroads in reducing the cost per lead as well as increasing the total volume of leads.

Through careful optimisation and constant testing of creative, destination URL’s and keywords we kept making regular changes, always looking for and testing new ways to drive overall improvement of the digital campaigns.

The client also engaged us to manage their SEO in March 2018 with the objective of improving their organic visibility through better positioning in the SERP’s on the back of the groundbreaking work we did and continue to do for their paid search campaigns.


  • Paid Search is the top performing channel, accounting for the majority of all enquiries generated on the website.
  • On average 50-60% increase in paid leads with the same budget with some months as high as a 140% increase in leads (Compared to the data for when the campaigns were running by the previous digital agency).
  • 185% increase in organic leads after we initiated the SEO program for A1 Sure Services.
  • Significant improvement in the quality of the leads. Confirmed by the Client.
  • More importantly, a relationship of trust, honesty and respect has been earned and built that continues to go from strength to strength.

The team at glasshouse digital are very easy to work with, and they really feel like a partner and genuinely care about our business

Tania & Stu

Owners of A1 Sure Services