39 Graham Avenue

39 Graham Avenue - Townhouses For Sale
39 Graham Avenue - Townhouses in Te Atatu Peninsula

The digital campaigns for 39 Graham Avenue were launched on the 11th of March 2022 with the key objective of generating high-quality leads. These campaigns ran for the duration of 11 months across Instagram and Facebook and strongly contributed to the overall success of the development and final sell-down of the homes.

Project: 39 Graham Avenue 

Developer: C & B Graham Limited

Location: Te Atatu Peninsula 

Property Type: Townhouses


Digital Campaigns For 39 Graham Avenue


To build, manage and execute Facebook & Instagram Campaigns 

39 Graham Avenue Developed By C & B Graham Limited


  1. Increase brand awareness of the project 
  2. Drive lead generation 
Facebook And Instagram Digital Marketing for Property

RESULTS (11th March 2022 - 5th April 2023):

  1. Over the course of 11 months, the digital campaigns generated 408 leads.
  2. The Facebook and Instagram campaigns reached 108k people within the set targeting parameters. Through which, we generated 8,284 link clicks directly to the website and through to the lead form. 
  3. Across Facebook/ Instagram, we built over 41 campaigns and 101 different ad variations as part of our continuous efforts to optimise the campaigns and ensure the best possible results. 
39 Graham Avenue - Quality Homes in Te Atatu Peninsula

The Facebook and Instagram campaigns were key acquisition drivers to the website and through to the lead form. Generating high-quality, relevant leads. 

We have worked closely with this development from conception and launch to the final completion of the homes and have consistently updated the copy and messaging to provide meaningful results. A key component of the success of these campaigns was testing different variables which included renders, copy, headlines and different target audiences.​​

The digital campaigns and results achieved for 39 Graham Avenue showcase the importance of digital marketing and the role it plays in marketing property developments.

I’ve worked closely with Shehan and the Glasshouse Digital team for a few years now and have nothing but positive words for them. GHD’s ability to understand the buyers and the market means the leads I receive are high calibre. With the help of Shehan, we sold down 39 Graham Avenue with no hassle. Using their data-driven strategy, Shehan and the team ensured that the leads we received were the ideal buyer for this product. The way this team is able to target the correct demographics for what we are selling is very impressive.

11/10 - I would recommend Glasshouse Digital and its marketing expertise to anyone looking to sell down their property developments.

Mitchell Eades

Lead Sales Agent for 39 Graham Avenue